Bills Fanatics

Bills Fanatics was created to give as much social media entertainment to the fans of the Buffalo Bills.

In 2013 Bills Fanatics was initially created as a name for a Facebook group. As time went along we decided to make "BF" more then just a Facebook group but a media plaform for fans. We wanted to create many avenues for fans to receive information regarding their beloved Buffalo Bills.

Bills Fanatics has grown to become one of the biggest Buffalo Bills media brands. We have joined forces with other sponsors with the efforts of supplying Buffalo Bills fans with the best content possible. 

Pierre Gabart - President
Bobby Ray 
Rico Belony

Media Relations/Editor-in-Chief:
Veronica Chiesi

Rock Pile Report Hosts:
Drew Gier
Chris Krueger

BF Show Hosts:
Ryan Lasal
Icey Vick

Facebook Administrators:
Rico Belony - President
Pete Boulay
John Connorton
Josh Belloti

Player Liason:
Celeste Albone

Richie Bystron
Marc Cavaretti
Kyle Caplinger
Jacob Wittwer
Ashraf Joseph